b and t ghm9. B&T has so many 9mm sub-guns on the market I'm starting to loose track of them. B&T GHM9 Compact Barrel and Handguard Kit Includes: BT-450068 - Barrel 9mm x 19 110 mm&nbs. B&T Folding Stock TP9, MP9, KH9, P26 Folding Stock , Click. The following list helps you to find your way around our offering. This model accepts B&T's proprietary mags. BT-30331 B&T TP9, MP9, GHM9, KH9, P26 Folding Stock Assembly Complete. GHM9 for sale on GunsAmerica. There aren't a lot of good Brace options for the GHM9 yet but the APC is great with the SB Tactical brace. 2 mm Height 223 mm (with sights up) Barrel Length 175 mm. Integral Picatinny rails are ready for your favorite optics and accessories, . B&T USA had my GHM9 for over 6 weeks and tried several things to fix it. Telescopic Brace (APC9/APC45) $630. James is hands-on with the Brügger & Thome. I've narrowed it down to the B&T offerings, the Scorpion EVO 3, and the Zenith MP5 variant. The newest member of the B&T family is the GHM9 Compact. With its enhanced trigger system and ambidextrous controls, this sporty 9mm pistol (stock optional with NFA registration) is a perfect and inexpensive semi-automatic platform for dynamic as well as sports shooting. B&T APC9/MP5/GHM9/KH9/P26 Suppressor. The mount is machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodize black per MIL-A-8625. B&T has a reputation for high quality and their firearms can be found in service throughout the word in both military and Police agencies. (In Stock) Click here for price! $1,599. it's been a while since I've shared my Ghm9 compact setup. Want to see your products here? Click this link. 308 rifle comes in several configurations, a SCAR-looking battle rifle with an 18. The GHM9-G Gen 2 accepts all APC9 PRO lower receivers, and allows the operator to change out barrels, handguards, and stocks. The receiver of the GHM9 Gen 2 is the upper half—the part with the bolt and barrel. The GHM9 pistol is built on a direct blowback operating system with a. I have not had a chance to play with an APC9 yet but overall I like the stock of the GHM9 a bit more. B&T GHM9 PSTL 9MM 6 30RD BLK. B&T Lower Receiver GHM9-G 9mm Glock Mag M4 Grip Interface *****JUST THE LOWER***** This replacement part is a factory original from B&T AG. B&T USA 6801 N 54th St TAMPA, FL 33610. B&T GHM9 Telescoping Brace Adapter With Tailhook Mod 1. Overall, after all upgrades to the scorpion, it would come out to about $1150. Sold Out B&T APC9 Semi-automatic Pistol cal. This compact firearm will eat the competition! Named after a carnivorous rodent (Grasshopper Mouse) known to eat scorpions, it will devour the competition. I like the MRO but what are your thoughts on an acro to replace it? 14. B&T GHM9 Brace Adapter w/ Tailhook. B&T APC223 Semi-automatic Pistol cal. Shown here is a GHM9 with a Gearhead Works Tailhook, OEM B&T Folding stock assembly, and Tech Smith Mfg. [1] In 2004, Brügger & Thomet started to produce its own line of complete weapons, beginning with a revised variant of the 9mm Steyr TMP known as the MP9 submachine gun , and a civilian semi-automatic model called the TP9. This comes with a Standard Tailhook Mod 1. Atlantic has a brace adaptor for the GHM9 now but others will follow. 68 new The new value of a B T GHM9 G2 pistol has fallen $0. B&T magazine for MP9/TP9/APC9/GHM9 30 rounds, cal. Brügger & Thomet (B&T) GHM9 Gen 2 Compact 9mm Pistol. The GHM9 Compact Gen 2 accepts all APC9 PRO lower . B&T GHM9 Gen 2 – eSilencers – Suppressors For Sale Online. This brand new B&T GHM9 is a semi-automatic pistol which fires the 9mm round. B&T AG B&T GHM9-G SA Carbine cal. It has a 6 threaded barrel and matte black finish. The 1/2x28 and 3-Lug barrel allows for the easy installation of a suppressor without the need to purchase additional adapters. hard to find collapsible tail hook brace. B&T Usa Magazine 30 Round 9Mm For Apc9/Ghm9/Kh9/Tp9/P26 $40. B&t Ghm9 G2 Cmp Wb Pstl 9mm 4" 30rd $2,215. DESCRIPTION B&T Stock Foldable Polymer With Adaptor For HK MP5. 00 B&T GHM9-G Compact with GLK Lower Installed *Free Shipping* **We offer free form 1 engraving on B&T firearms purchased from us. 9" suppressor ready barrel chambered in 9mm. B&T GHM COLLECTION – A3 Tactical Inc. Out of stock - Join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available. This is our B&T GHM9 two level covert 'First Aid' range case (will fit UP TO 18. 8" Barrel The B&T Brügger & Thomet GHM9 is a sporty 9 x 19 mm pistol. B&T GHM9 9mm Pistol w/ Tailhook Brace. The typical manufacturers warranty is for only 1 year. Part of the price pays for a laser engraved image of a mouse eating a scorpion hidden inside the upper receiver. B&T GHM9 with SIG Lower Named for the grasshopper mouse, a carnivorous rodent that is known for eating scorpions, the GHM9 9mm Pistol is a made by Swiss arms manufacturer B&T. Suite 111 Tampa, FL 33609 Phone: 813-653-1200 Email: [email protected] B&T GHM9 GEN 2 COMPACT GLOCK LOWER (9MM) 4. - Ambidextrous bolt catch installed in the lower. B&T (Brügger & Thomet) With just 70 employees and 17 CNC workstations, Brugger & Thomet prove that an innovative spirit and a small team of dedicated professionals can transform the firearms industry in short order. TriggrCon 2019] New B&T GHM9 SD and Long Versions. B&T reported 50 employees in 2014, and 70 employees in 2017. All of the controls on the GHM9 are ambidextrous and the charging handle can be. There are no reviews yet for this item. The GHM9 from Brugger & Thomet is an ideal Form 1 candidate. A: You could contact Buds customer service (859) 368-0371 9am-9pm mon-fri or use the blue Chat Now button and ask but I doubt they would know my other suggestion is to contact B&T B&T USA 4532 W. B&T Brugger and Thommet GHM9 Fullsize 9mm Gen 2 Midnight. Features Calibre 9 x 19 mm System Close bolt blow back system Operation Semi automatic Length min. B&T GHM9 9mm 33 Rd Mag Semi Auto Pistol. Manufactured from quality steel, this ejector is designed for the B&T GHM9 semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm. Chambered for 9 mm Luger, the B&T GHM9 is a straight-blowback-operated semi-automatic and includes features that cater to left- and right-handed shooters. The B&T GHM9 for sale is an incredibly lightweight 9mm compatible with Glock mags and features a full length Picatinny rail, flip up sights, a . #Matt Lingo#Brugger and Thomet#B&T#GHM9#Dead Air Silencers#Ghost-M#Steiner DBAL-A3#EOTech#9mm#Subgun#Peltor ComTac 3#NFA#SBR#Suppressor… See all. buy b&t usa - ghm9 gen 2 9mm online $ 1,200. Compatible with the Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod1 brace(not included) Customer Reviews (0. We also recommend: B&T Unigrip Quick Detach - Short $89. B&T GHM9 SA Compact 9mm 110mm Barrel Folding Stock Black uses glock mags (pic is with a b and t mag) The GHM9 is a sporty 9 x 19 mm carbine with an integrated shoulder stock. The B&T GHM9 Pistol in 9mm is an example of Swiss made precision. BT-20517 B&T Telescopic Brace Adapter for GHM9 GHM45. - Flared magwell for easier magazine insertion. Order the B&T GHM9 G2 Pistol 9mm 6" Barrel 30-Rounds online and save. Get the best deal on GHM9 9mm 6 Semi Auto Handguns - Tactical at GrabAGun. OP, I recently developed a B&T itch and was asking myself a similar question. B&T Ghm9 Gen 2 Compact Glock Lower (9mm) 4. B&T staff were excellent in keeping things up to date on the each of the steps along the way. It's new-in-box with one magazine and a sling, and has been REDUCED to ONLY $2299. 00 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,437. Manufacturer Part #, BT-450002. on top of that higher ammo in the B&T GHM9 lower recoil and cheaper to operate. So I have 2 ghm9’s 1 is a compact Glock lower and the the is a standard B&t lower. GHM9-g compact! B&T telescopic and mod1c! B&T: Like Rolex, but lethal. This is a direct drop in replacement to any Gen2 GHM9. The B&T-C1 is designed to function in the B&T APC9 & APC45 & GHM9 & GHM45. B&T'S SCORPION KILLER The GHM9 from Brugger & Thomet is an ideal Form 1 candidate. B&T USA GHM9 9mm 6in Black 30rd Item #:. If you can name the only two qualities of this, then you have the perfect idea to bid on it. Manufacturer: B&T AG (Brugger & Thornet) No reviews on this product yet. Scorpion vs GHM9 vs APC9 vs MP5?. B&T GHM9 9mm Gen 2 Pistol. The upper receiver of the B&T GHM9 is one solid piece and features Picatinny rails at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions for mounting optics and accessories. This pistol will devour the competition! Engineered on a direct blowback operating system, it has a built-in recoil buffer spring. B&T Brugger & Thomet B&T USA GHM9 Compact 9mm Pistol GHM. In Stock (1) B&T Hydraulic Reduced Recoil Buffer for APC9/10/40/45 Price: $241. NRA Gun of the Week: B&T USA GHM9 Gen 2. B&T TP9 Semi-automatic Pistol cal. B&T - Stock Foldable Polymer With Adaptor For HK MP5, MP5SD. B&T GHM9 Standard 9mm Pistol GEN 2 W/SIG Lower BT. Add to Wish List Add to Compare $143. Is the felt recoil between the GHM9 and the APC9 significantly different? I had a GHM9 with a collapsing tailhook and it really didn't suit me . The Swiss made GHM9, chambered in 9x19mm is a closed bolt blowback pistol. The GHM9 is a perfect and inexpensive semi-automatic compact for dynamic shooting as well as just for plinking. OEM B&T telescoping brace adapter for the GHM9. B&T GHM9 GEN 2 Pistol 9mm Brugger & Thomet Swiss GHM9 9mm Pistol Features. This includes a Standard Tailhook Mod 1 OEM B&T telescoping brace adapter. Here's one of the new B&T MODEL APC9-K PRO-G 9 MM PISTOLS that uses GLOCK MAGAZINES. It was conceived as an entry level carbine for sport shooting. Swiss precision and innovation came together again with the GHM9. This is the new Gen 2 model capable of handling a wider variety of HP ammo. Find Lowest Price In Stock B&T GHM9 GEN 2 9mm 840225705775 . The first batch of GHM9s were accepted the first week in April. It does run a little better but not much better. In this episode of TFBTV's coverage of #TriggrCon2019 , James visits the B&T booth to talk about the new barrel and handguard kits available for the GHM9. B&T GHM9 Gen2 Compact The GHM9 Compact Gen 2 provides greater flexibility and modularity to the operator. for me it would be B&T GHM9 cause i do not see the larger caliber being more effective with a 5" barrel not over the 9mm. It's also has A3 tactical folding stock. All of the controls on the GHM9 are. Now, B&T supplies suppressors and tactical rail systems. All of the controls on the GHM9 are ambidextrous and the charging handle can be positioned on. Description: BNT GHM9 G2 PST 9MM 6. Also included is 5 additional B&T 30 round mags. B&T TP9, APC9, GHM9 Magazine (30 rounds) $ 46. The B&T-C1 should also function in the Pro and K variants of these firearms. This Supplemental Lifetime Warranty will also cover. The B&T GHM9 is a compact semi-automatic AR-style pistol chambered in 9mm. Enter your email address to join the waitlist for this product.