aftertale sans wiki. Sleeping Sans by SirenFeather on DeviantArt. Blinded!Sans: sans but blind Reborn!Alphatale (Distorted404,Spirit Alpha, DV!King Multiverse): TBA Distorted!Horrortale (Feral!Horror): Horror goes mad from hunger and brakes his promicse to toriel and eats humans like the rest og the …. More may be added, in case I forgot some. Error!404, formerly known as William Gaster (/ˈwɪliːəm ˈgæstər/), is the only survivor from the destruction of IcT-404. Mas assim como Frisk (cujo corpo está sendo controlado por Chara), não pode escapar de lá, . He really likes humans, in a good way. So that sucks, @anna-hinton-517365677 holy crap, thats so sad man. He is a dream demon from the 2nd Dimension formerly existent only in the mindscape before succeeding in gaining access to the real world. Sans is now bone-tired by MarisaSter342 on DeviantArt. It can be used as a shield to block attacks, and can even block other blasts from Gaster Blasters, its lower jaw is usually gone when it's blocking. Undertale Quiz: Which AU Sans Are You Most Like?. He first appears in Snowdin Forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. the glichy particle that covered his face is semingly missing, revealing his melted eye socket TBA He has stronger versions of the original Sans's attacks (bones, gaster blasters, blue magic, ect) …. Undertale Aftertale Sans Pixel Art Maker Png Undertale - Undertale Pixel Art . In order to get dust you need to kill players (1-7 dust per kill). After the failed reaping, Chara walks among the realms (both mortal and godly) as a corrupted vessel of darkness. In XTale X, XTale!Sans was a trainee for the royal guard who began experiencing issues related to his code; which is actually relatable to The X-Event's cause. He has very little HP and summons bone waves from the back of the room that deal minor damage. Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Sans is usually the kindest monster in the underground. タグ 音楽 が登録されている動画 : 1252665 件中 257 - 288 件目. 650 Sans ( all AUs ) ideas. His battle teleport appears as a red tube with a red soul inside. Evolution Dust has unique features called Dust and evolution. Spongetale is an undertale AU by Keno9988II It was made around 2015-2016 and has about half of the soundtrack done, though Keno seems to have no interest in making more official spongetale tracks, so the thought of more tracks coming seems highly unlikely. Geno is the 10th unlockable Sans in the game costing 180 wins Aftertale has 175 stamina. Aftertale characters and beings that exist because of them. Aftertale/Geno Sans - 275 Wins Passive:KR Dodges: 20 Hp:1 giant blaster: a giant blaster appears that deals big damage dual blaster: two blasters appear and shoot wherever the player has clicked Bone zone: geno summons a giant bone zone with a space in the middle. He has a constant grin spread across his face and has two eye sockets which rarely have pinpricks in them, otherwise they are empty. Underfail Sans - 8 images - pc computer undertale sans overworld the,. Delta!Sans has black liquid coming from his eyes stopping at the end of. Sans is a spec that can be created by using a Bone on Standless. Every time it is hit, it will automatically dodge, and the stamina will go down. Not to be mistaken for Really Bad Time Sans, Geno! Sans, Error! Sans or Fatal! Error. Image 1d6c3be165efd7b Png Undertale Au Wiki Fandom. After hundreds of resets he needed to be stronger in order to defeat the human, so he kills everyone he holds most dear. THE PURPOSE (SANS AUs X READER) Chapter 1: BEFORE WE BEGIN. Aftertale is an AU where Chara has complete control of Frisk's body and keeps RESETting the timeline for what Chara calls "research. Aftertale/Geno Sans - 275 Wins Passive:KR Dodges: 20 Hp:1 giant blaster: a giant blaster appears that deals big damage dual blaster: two blasters appear and shoot. However, each is activated at certain intervals of mana. A trail of cyan light wisps from. Welcome to the Dusttale Wikia! Dusttale is a Character-Centered AU about Sans. It was a normal timeline the DT got created the human still did not not fall everything was going just as a normal Dtale timeline until strange figure. html Ink!Sans FightThere are only 5 attacks in this test which some of them are not the same as in the o. Almost the only difference between Delta!Sans and the original Sans is that he has absorbed the bravery soul and has gained new abilities. In Animosity, Sans melts and dies by overusing what's left of his magic and determination, leaving his Brother and Father …. Hollow!Asgore found him within decaying husk of his universe, and healed him. Undertale AU Destroyer Wiki. It was created on December 28th, . SelenePlayz uwu 3 месяца назад. Bad Time Trio - "The Trio's Squabble" NITRO Remix. Nov 15, 2019 - Read 46 from the story Undertale AU Pics (Requests Opened) by CSatsu_Shinki (Rat obsession) with 4,334 reads. 237播放 · 0弹幕 2021-02-03 22:49:26. Nightmare sans is the strongest sans now you can tell your mom you learned something new. [Phân tích Sans Au's]_#23 AfterTale Sans/Geno Sans Phân tích wiki sans (thằng loz bí ẩn nhất trong undertale AUS) Phân tích Au Sans#22: Anti-Error!. 1800 Gold (Base) 3000 EXP (Base) Aftertale Sans' Scarf. Sans is a close friend of all Aus, which makes him naturally able to see Alpha! Sans. 4 damage T- shoot bones - shoots a flurry of bones to the direction of the mouse cursor F- Gaster Barrage- 13 …. He wears black sweatpants that have a vertical blue stripe on each leg. He doesn't obey or talk with his mother. (Bone Mode), Z - You send a giant bone beneath you. Attacking and Blocking: The Gaster Blasters are mainly used to attack enemies by releasing a blast of energy. Getter! Sans comes from an Au named UnderGetter, where the Saotome Institute …. Epic Sans is the 9th mainline boss. Sans, after failing to reap them the first time, has endlessly tried to find them in order to fix his mistake. Ommetaphobia is from an AU that is abandoned by the gods as he hates them because his universe is a dystopia. the glichy particle that covered his face is semingly missing, revealing his melted eye socket TBA He has stronger versions of the original Sans's attacks (bones, gaster blasters, blue magic, ect) cant die TBA. Free Weapon is a boss found behind the first green arc to the right of spawn. His SOUL was split, and the Sans still within the Underground holds most of it, while the original Sans only has a 9th of a SOUL. That timeline immediately spawns an alternate Geno. Sans uses bones and straight beam projectiles that emerge from skeletal faces, known internally as "Gaster Blasters," in his attacks. He wears a white jacket with a scar at his shoulder. How to Beat Sans in Undertale: 8 Steps (with. If you even touch Blue Screen Sans you will instantly be infected with the blue screen virus which is a virus that causes errors to form upon the victim, eventually killing both of you instantly. He costs 1000 Tem Tokens and 100 to try him once. Geno lo hace, y accidentalmente se envía al antivoid. AvengeTale, the former head swordsman of Reaper!Sans, is a Sans from an unknown AU. He serves as a supporting character in a Neutral and True Pacifist Route and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in a Genocide Route. is NOT from Aftertale, but is like the sans from that AU, how, well he has a dead bro, in other words, he is Disbelief Papyrus. Finding great co-working office spaces can boost productivity and morale. Family Friendly Activities in San Diego. AvengeTale appears normal to Classic Sans, the differences being that he has 3 very …. Firewall Sans Undertale Au Fanon Wiki Fandom. So, i gonna work on this game for giving to you what you wanted. Grey!Sans came from an AU known as X-Tale. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. It is crafted in marketplace and costs 0 gold. B/W!Sans, is a Sans variant created by Keion15. Sans is larger than his normal counterpart but he is still shorter than his younger brother papyrus. He wears a black winter jacket with a jacket fur flame hood and a gray cotton hoodie, and a red sweater with a golden chain with black pants that. com/games/3846938660/Undertale-AU-Battle-Multiverse?refPageId=d1c7b916-11c1-4c6c-9a0e-774abb2473a1. Aftertale sans x reader lemon" Keyword Found Websites. UltraForce is the youngest of his family, yet he has the third greatest potential of them all, and he is known for his kindness, which is second only to papyrus. aftertale is undertale but after a lot of genocides, the aftertale tycoon has a recurring theme: general bad stuff, there is some blood and aftertale sans, better known as geno sans, is constantly bleeding from a slash across his chest when you buy the geno sans morph some blood will appear, clicking/tapping the blood will cause a button to appear in the middle of the tycoon …. It has a system called "Broken Code". SMX Sans spawns in with 30 ATK and 220 DEF, with a wimpy 28 HP, however LR!Sans will dodge ALL attacks so long as he has enough mana, or is in his first 5 phases. Only he matters in the grand scheme of things. Stamina automatically regenerates on its own. Aftertale Geno Sans Fight. He first appears in the forest after the protagonist exits the Caverns. Sans battle 827,279 play times Knee Surgery Simulator. He now spends all his time seeking vengeance against Infected. Sans is a version of Geno! Sans. Games Anime Movies TV Video Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Start a …. Alpha! Sans is a very distant person and finds it difficult to get in touch with his …. El trabajo de Geno-Sans es defender los AU's y controlar los resets de los humanos. Gray grew determined to restore his original AU, no matter the cost Cross. I decided to make this game because I saw a lot of bad games on Ultra Sans and nobody tried to make it closer to the animation. Due to the SOUL trait of Lust being injected, he is often perverted, and "in a constant state of heat" -Other UL Wiki. Afterswap Papyrus Fight by AwesomePanda121. fm, nel più grande catalogo disponibile online. Virus404!Sans is a evil out!code created by DARTHOOM. THE PURPOSE (SANS AUs X READER) Chapter 1: BEFORE WE …. Bill despised living there, describing it as a dimension of "flat minds in a flat. If he leaves the save screen, …. He has a large hole on the left side of. " Sans walked back over to me and put his arm around me.